An International bi-annual peer-reviewed e-journal

of language and literature
published by
Postgraduate Government College, Sector-11
Worldereader is an e-journal that offers readers open access to the latest research in the fields of language and literature. It is peer-reviewed, ensuring that only the most important works are published. It is multilingual, having editors from the disciple of English, Hindi and Punjabi. Worldereader encourages research in seminal works of literature in every language, though the research papers are written only in English, with reference to literatures worldwide. Research related to pedagogy, language teaching, translation studies, culture studies, drama and film have become exceedingly relevant today. Therefore, the editors of the journal make a joint effort to publish research that involves multiple fonts. Since its very inception Worldereader has an international coverage.
Editor-in-chief: Dr. Anuradha Bhattacharyya
Associate Editors: Dr. Poonam, Dr. Jitender Singh Ravish, Dr. Shalini Wadhwa Batra & Dr. Jasbir Kaur
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Worldereader, e-journal of language and literature (

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